Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An Evening in the Life.

We at Seychelles are quickly becoming connoisseurs of the fashion week collaboration. We worked it these last ten days not at one but Two runway collection shows and feel all sorts of excited about it!!

Happiness is best when shared though and so we decided to give you a peak behind the scenes of what we got to see and be a part of.

Ivana Helsinki is a contemporary fashion collection out of Finland. For Autumn/Winter 2011, she presented her "Velvet Lake" collection at Lincoln Center in the much coveted final show of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week presentations. Seychelles was on full display, with a custom designed patchwork boot that all 24 models strutted down the runway wearing. 

To our new friends, contacts and fashion week goers we say, Cheers. Bravo. Skål.

After Party Delight.

1 comment:

  1. Ah I LOVE your shoes! Those boots are gonna have to make it into my collection.



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