Monday, October 17, 2011

All About Nude.

So we have been mildly obsessed with our new PRIVATE EYE oxford flats ever since we saw them at our design meeting in Summer. They are the epitome of androgyny meets girly and are a perfect addition to one's closet. 

As if the styling alone is not enough to swoon over, the fabulous nude color they come in was (obviously and rightfully) the inspiration for today's post. 

As the old adage says, one can never have enough nude/pale pink in their wardrobe. (Ok we may have made that up, but it's true so go with it.)

1. Dorothy Perkins Nude Midi Pleat Skirt Dress
2. American Vintage Theme Evergreen T-shirt
3. Rag & Bone Nude Mini Skirt Laurie
4. Richard Nicoll Cotton Voile Dress
5. Max and Chloe Argento Vivo Necklace


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