Monday, November 7, 2011

je t'aime la musique: Adanowsky

Adan Jodorowsky, working under the moniker Adanowsky, is a French/Chilean musician who recently caught our attention and we think you'll love his sound as much as we do. He's the son of visionary filmmaker Jodorowsky, so it's no surprise that talent runs in the family. Says T Magazine, "It wasn’t until he left his native Paris for Chile and translated his lyrics from French to Spanish that he and his career started to go places. Lately, he splits his time between Mexico City, Los Angeles, Paris and anywhere the tour for his melancholy new album, 'Amador,' takes him." Recently Adanowsky found a kindred spirit in Devendra Banhart, and the two collaborated on a song and music video.

Listen to the magical sounds of Adonowsky & Devendra Banhart

Adanowsky - You Are The One (Ft. Devendra Banhart)

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If you live in LA you have two chances to see Adonowsky this week. Don't miss him!

Monday November 7
Bardot's It's A School Night - 1737 N Vine 90028
with VV Brown, Grace Woodruffe
9:30PM - Free with RSVP

Tuesday November 8
Origami Vinyl in Echo Park (solo/acoustic) - 1816 Sunset Blvd 90026


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  2. I've just listened and fell in love with Adanowsky; such a shame I'm not even close to LA!

  3. hey you doing a good job and i love the way you do it. I have just listened the magical word of Adanowsky and Devendra Banhar, simply interesting one.

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