Friday, February 10, 2012

Eating in Los Angeles

My post is a day late, but just in time for the weekend! One of my favorite things to do in Los Angeles is to go out to eat. There are tons of great restaurants in the city, and here are five that I love to frequent!

The interior of A-Frame, the food is family style and the seating is communal!

1. A-Frame - This is my go-to place for dinner with my friends. The plates are meant to be shared family style, and pretty much everything on the menu is great. Also, make sure to save room for dessert because you'll want try their Banana Bacon Cream Pie!

2. Picca - I never tried Peruvian food until I moved to Los Angeles, and I've been hooked ever since! This is my new favorite Peruvian restaurant, with a slight Japanese influence. They also have a lounge upstairs, so if the restaurant is crowded you can asked to be seated upstairs where you can order from the full menu and have an eagle eye view of the dining room.

3. BLD - Best brunch in town! There is always a wait on the weekend, so be sure to go early. But if you are like me, and need a snack to tie you over after you've put your name down, take a walk over to Milk a couple blocks away for a pre-brunch treat.

4. Waterloo & City - This is my favorite restaurant in Los Angeles. Located next to A-Frame, this British Gastropub serves comfort food and delicious cocktails. In my opinion, it's the perfect meal. (They also have a killer prices during happy hour and late night.)

5. Spice Table - If you are an adventurous eater, I'd suggest Spice Table located in Downtown/Little Tokyo. This place is influenced by the traditional cuisines of Singapore and Vietnam, and the menu includes curries, satays of all sorts, headcheese and other more exotic eats.

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