Friday, April 26, 2013

Shoe clips DIY

For all those who asked about our shoe clips from our Crafts and Cocktails event, we made you a little DIY :). 

To start gather all the items listed above: spray paint (of any color, we picked gold and silver), hot glue gun, scissors, shoe clips (found on etsy or amazon), pom pom makers (found at Joann's or store bought poms work just as well), plastic animals, ribbon(any color will do!) and yarn(of any color if you're making your own poms).
Optional: glitter and Elmers glue (but how can you say no to glitter) 

The pom poms can be store bought, but if you like a specific color combo, the pom pom maker will be your new best friend.
1. Pick out yarn color 2. Wrap yarn around one side of pom pom maker (the more you wrap the fluffier your pom pom 3. Snip the yarn once the first side is fully wrapped 4. Wrap the second side of the pom pom maker 5. It should like this once both sides are wrapped 6. Snip along the wrapped sides 7. Snip both sides 8. Take a piece of yarn and wrap it thru the two halves 9. Double knot the yarn super tight! 10. Snip the excess yarn off 11. Pull the two halves of the pom pom maker apart and trim your pom pom to your desired shape! 

Depending on the size of your pom pom maker, you might get large or small pom poms! Using mixed yarn also creates colorful unique pom poms. 
Cut ribbons to either the shape on the right, or create little bows.

Spray paint the animals (be careful with the spray paint, this part should be done outside). For one of our animals we dabbed a brush in Elmers glue and covered it in glitter for some extra sparkle.

Aren't they adorable! 
Time to heat up your glue guns, be careful it'll be hot! 

While the glue gun is heating up, put together your combinations. We usually combine either an animal or pom with a ribbon then a shoe clip.

Start by gluing a small dab onto the ribbons front side and attaching a pom pom (or an animal). Next be sure to glue onto the small side of the shoe clip!

Attach the small side with glue onto the back of the ribbon.

It should look like this once glued! Complete this twice for 2 shoe clips :).

Finally attach them to your favorite pair of Seychelles, we put ours onto the "Thyme" shoe in suede.

For all the animal lovers (us included!), we made an elephant shoe clip. Follow the same steps of gluing the ribbon to the elephant, then the clip to the ribbon. Don't forget to decide if your elephants should be facing one another or in the same direction before you glue!

We paired our elephant shoe clips with the "Down To The Wire" in black suede!  Voila now you're ready to show off your adorable shoe clips and spark some envy. 

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