Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dreaming of Seychelles

With Memorial Weekend just around the corner, I've been stuck day dreaming of a the perfect getaway. 

If you were wondering, our company name comes from the ethereal Seychelles islands located in the Indian Ocean. Recently the Royals Prince William and Kate Middleton made this unknown island a star with their visit. It's easy to get lost in the beauty of the islands and its welcoming turquoise waters.

Doesn't this seem like a perfect mandatory company getaway? Seychelles ladies going to the Seychelles Islands? One can dream :)

In the meantime I've collected some Seychelles Island inspired items.


1 With The Fishes Ring 2 A perfect accessory for beach hair 3 Seahorses Ring 4 Turquoise Shades 5 Mint Color Block Tote 6 We love a classic one piece 7 Stripes One Piece 8 Fuji Instax Mini for your adventures 9 Ramblin Ways Sandal 10 Cat Eye Shades

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