Friday, August 30, 2013

We Can Do It! A Look at Women in the Workplace

As we embark on Labor Day weekend it's important to remember what the holiday is all about. While unofficially Labor Day marks the end of summer, it also celebrates a historical movement in the American workplace. The holiday draws attention to the social and economic contributions of our country's workers, both male and female. We also want to note the great strides women have taken to stand up for their rights in the workplace. As we celebrate this holiday with family and friends let's also be proud of the developments of fair wage, proper working conditions and the freedom to organize. Here are some historical moments of the women's labor movement:

This is an image taken in 1910 for a newspaper. It shows a woman speaking out and fighting for the Book-keepers, Stenographer's and Accountant's Union.

In 1937 there was a Corset Workers' Strike. Members of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union walked in their corsets to help draw attention to the cause.

Rosie the Riveter. When the United States entered World War II, women were greatly needed in the workplace as many men went oversees. The government decided to launch a propaganda campaign with the fictional "Rosie the Riveter" image to help get women into the workplace. After the war many women left the workplace to return to the home, but the road was paved and society continued to use Rosie as a strong female character fighting for her rights.

The Bakery, Confectionery and Tobacco Union Protest took place in Atlanta on International Women's Day in 1984 to protest Ronald Reagan's policies. 

The state of today's workplace has greatly improved and as working women ourselves we're proud of the advances. Whether you work in a business or in the home, you go girl!

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