Thursday, March 24, 2011

Portrait of an Illustrator

Bernadette Pascua of Decade Diary is more than one to watch. Her illustrations are stunning and can be found featured in the likes of British VOGUE, French GLAMOUR, Stylecaster and W to name a few. 

Her inspiration is, "Chronicling past, present interests and future perspectives of a decade lived in New York City." 

Dear Bernadette,
We love your sketches. May you continue to be inspired by your muses. 
Love, Us

Oh the joy of being able to put ink, paint and pencil to paper and come up with this ~

(all sketches and pictures featured above are courtesy of Decade Diary)

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  1. Dear Laura and the lovely Seychelles ladies,

    Thank you so much for the lovely post. This made my day!! Just one note, the third drawing (purple/black striped purse) is not by me - it is by Dagobert Peche. I listed his book in the same post, I think you'd love his work very much. Thanks again!




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