Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Behind the Lens: Vivian Maier 1926 - 2009

(All photos shot by Vivian Maier, courtesy of Maloof Collection, LTD)

With the advent of the Sartorialist and the FaceHunter (to name a few), we are privy to what can be found on streets across the globe without having to be present ourselves. This is not a new concept, (hello Bill Cunningham) but as with everything nowadays, it is done on the world's stage.

Enter Vivian Maier and a chance find by John Maloof in 2007.  

Born in 1926, Vivian spent her life as a nanny and a photographer. Her story is as interesting and aloof as her photographs. She never allowed anyone to view her work and when she died had amassed a collection of 100,000 negatives that were unknown...until now.

Below are just a couple of her amazing shots and a brief interview with John Maloof.

Vive Vivian!!

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