Wednesday, May 4, 2011

la femme du jour

Frida Kahlo is an iconoclast known for abandoning traditional expectations and forging her own path. Never a wallflower, Frida's wardrobe matched her personality with bold colors and outrageous accessories that pay homage to her culture and heritage. Frida continues to make her mark on the fashion world today, as we've seen in this crop of photo shoots inspired by the unforgettable artist.


1. wrapped leather cuff bracelet, $28 at Libby Story
2. tracks of my tiers maxi dress, $148 at Free People
3. balanced ring, $58 at Anthropologie
4. floral sorbet headband, $300 from
5. feather ring, $100 at In God We Trust
6. Lenna Agnes long beaded earrings, $24 at Libby Story
7. caramel strands hobo bag, $595 at Anthropologie
8. eastern fringe bib, $38 at Free People
9. golden nugget bangle bracelets, $29 at Urban Outfitters
10. Best Of braided heel, $90 from Seychelles
11. Anthology beaded sandal, $90 from Seychelles

images via Harpers Bazaar and Marie Claire Italia


  1. LOVE this post. I have always been a fan of Frida so this is wonderful<3

  2. We have been longtime fans, too. So much to admire, she can inspire us all to be bold and fearless!



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