Friday, May 4, 2012

Music Friday - Diane Birch

Another great songstress to send you off on a fabulous weekend adventure. Diane Birch, is as interesting as her songs. Channeling old world glamour, with nuances of hit makers from decades long gone, she's original and a very refreshing addition to today's music scene.

Here's an excerpt of her bio -

"Singer-songwriter Diane Birch took half her lifetime, and traveled across the globe, to get to America, where she literally found her voice and made her remarkable debut, Bible Belt. Though only in her mid-twenties, Birch likes to think of herself as an “old soul,” and indeed there is a startling maturity in her singing and a veteran’s self-assurance in her writing. Hook-driven songs like “Fools” and “Valentino” offer more than just instant gratification: they’re like your new best friends – you’ll want to get together with them as frequently as possible. Birch mixes piano-playing virtuosity with easy-going soul, and she can strike an uplifting groove on even the most melancholy tune. Her work bears hints of Laura Nyro (when she was hanging out with LaBelle) and early 70’s Karen Carpenter (when she was ruling the charts), while effortlessly incorporating New Orleans second-line rhythms, gospel fervor, doo-wop harmonies, country-blues guitar and classic AM radio-style melodies."

Listen to Bible Belt one time through and you're hooked. Let us know what you think?

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