Friday, May 11, 2012

A week with Seychelles on Instagram

Did you know we have an Instagram account? That means you can follow us up-to-the-minute for a sneak peek at all of our daily happenings. Here's a few of the highlights, but you can see everything that's going on right here on Instagram.

Scenes from our NYC visit • Getting ready to hit the town • "Blue Skies" heels are the perfect city heel • The view from our LA office • Working on a video with Hannah Metz • Fabric shopping Downtown LA • The Seychelles Shoe Closet is now open in Ivana Helsinki's Elizabeth Street shop • Dreaming of pastries at Bottega Louie, one of our favorite Downtown LA eateries


  1. the pic with the cat is nice)

  2. Love the Blue Skies heels, just ordered them in yellow! :)



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