Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Get The Look: Parisian Chic

Choupette is the newest addition to Karl Lagerfeld's fashionable family, the longtime Creative Director of Chanel is not only in love with the sweet Siamese, he has made her into a fashion icon and expert. She's probably the cutest, and arguably most popular, Siamese kitten that has hit the haute couture fashion scene in ages. The little minx has an impressive Twitter following at 3,617, loves her iPad and has coined the slogan that "Chanel is my catnip". We are obsessed to say the least. The little protege has even inspired us to style a look that we think even Choupette would  consider wearing on the streets of Paris. x 


  1. Working in a more conservative workplace, popping in a little pink always softens my look. Love the straw braid heels and pants!

  2. totally! you are a true fashionista moo. thanks for the love friend! xx

  3. Haha love it!! Great minds :) I think I love the pink even more! xox

  4. I know right! Totally thinking the same thing earlier when I saw your post. Thanks for following our posts! Keep sending us yours. xoxo



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