Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How To Wear: A Pink Story

Growing up in the 80s was rough no doubt about that. For you lucky children of the 90's, we'll paint you a picture of the fashion nightmare.

The Mullet: A versatile look that was simultaneously business and party (in reality it was  just ugly). 

The Shoulder-pad: First introduced by
 linebackers, and made popular by your sexually ambiguous aunt. 

The Stretch Stirrup Pants:  Sometimes we still ask ourselves, "why?"

How, you ask, did an entire era jump on the fugly bandwagon? We blame it on Lisa Frank. This creative genius made her multi-millions off of pictures of puppies dipped in rainbow brights and fluorescent neons.

Today, we pay homage to Lisa Frank and the 80's. From neon pink scarves in chiffon to fuchsia stained sandals, we give you the new, edgy (better) way to wear one of our favorite hues. 


  1. Hilarious! Love it :) And I still have some Lisa Frank items--a true child of the 80s.

  2. Love those flats...so cute! also obvi love the essie nail polish...its on my nails right now!

  3. Lisa Frank! I had those stickers all over my Trapper Keeper. Have you seen this hilarious spoof trailer for a Lisa Frank biopic? http://www.ucbcomedy.com/videos/play/8638/lisa-frank

  4. thanks corielle! :) love 80s music and Lisa Frank.

    Oh Greta I know. The Elle Woods of USC! <3

    ha! jess that is so great. totally love it. definitely hadn't seen it before!



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