Monday, June 11, 2012

Statement Piece: A Bold Lip and Striking Heel

Many modern women have adopted a dreadful and misleading label of being high maintenance. You know the type. It usually describes the women who rush around for three hours (or three days) prior to an event obsessing over every article of clothing. Desperately striving for aesthetic perfection so that she can declare that she was the single most unique silhouette at the party. The worst thing that could happen is showing up to said affair to find that the girl standing next to you had the same idea and is rocking the same dress.

Let's move away from that aged and defunct moniker, and instead, utilize the rule of the statement piece. All you need is a bold lip and a striking heel to instantly transform your entire aura into one of effortless beauty. Ammo'd with a newfound confidence, you will undoubtedly exude all kinds of awesome and crazy pheromones that will make you the most sought after catch of the party. Not because you spent a ton of money or because you wasted a ton of time. But because you didn't need that much to begin with.

A medley of models and celebrities rocking the bold pout. 

Clockwise from Right to Left: Aloof, Montreal, Hydrangea, Mum and Snapdragon


  1. Those are some brave lip colors!!! If only I had the courage!

  2. I've never done a bold red lip with a colored shoe before... Something to try in the future!

  3. oh Niku! I know that you did. Go out there and grab that bull by the horns ha!

    Mel you have to try it. Not like you're not already a head turner/maserati show stopper



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