Thursday, June 14, 2012

Seychelles Footwear: Instagram Daily Happenings

The weekend jig starts early in this office. A space where creativity is rewarded and innovation runs rampant.  A group of hard-working folks  who love to laugh, eat, take pictures and play dress up with our shoes. Here's a snapshot of all the fun we've been having in the past few weeks through Instagram! 

The spectacular view from our NY showroom • Candy colored bikes standing outside our Seychelles Shoe Closet located inside Ivana Helsinkis NYC Concept Shop • Adrienne rocking our 'Hydrangea' heel in bright denim •  School children walking past The Metropolitan Museum of Art • A glimpse inside the Seychelles NYC showroom • A funky necklace paired with black and white stripes adorns one of our showroom mannequins  • Boot hangers radiating in the skylight of our NYC showroom • 


  1. I bet y'all had a blast taking those pics!

  2. We sure did! That's the exact same thing we think when we get all of your fun instagrams sent to us @seychellesshoes



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