Tuesday, June 25, 2013

OMG Bunnies

Normally Mondays are a very dreaded day of the week, however this week Monday was long anticipated. Yesterday we had our annual photo shoot in preparation for our Spring 2014 Collection (shh top secret for now!). Our Creative Director made the best casting call for our shoot and got us BUNNIES! Excuse us while we all squealed at that thought. 

We were able to get in contact with Michelle Kelly, the founder of the wonderful organization Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation (www.larabbits.org) in hopes of using some of their adorable rescues and hopefully spreading the word of the good work they do. 

Their mission statement declares their goals "To help abandoned domestic rabbits by promoting spay and neuter, providing education on their care, volunteering in shelters and humane societies, and by fostering and rehabilitating rescued rabbits until such time as suitable permanent homes can be found." We couldn't be happier to promote such a worthy foundation. 

After some time we decided that Didi and Chuckie, would be the perfect models for our shoot. How cute are these two, they're brother and sister and have been together since birth.

The siblings arrived just on time ready for their shoots. We were careful to not frighten or 
stress them too much. Michelle informed us that rabbits can die from a heart attacked if they're frightened. We made it our priority to keep them calm and go at their pace. 

Didi calmly getting her hair done pre shoot.

Didi and the model got along really well, as Didi settled in and got comfy in her lap. She's a born model!

Chuckie did a wonderful job inspecting our set, doesn't he look adorable!

We had such a great time meeting these two cuties and hearing about the wonderful LA Rabbits Foundation from Michelle. Didi and Chuckie are both adoptable as well as a number of other bunnies at www.larabbits.org. If you've been considering a rabbit for a pet, definitely take a look into the LA Rabbits Foundation and their weekly rabbit adoption for more information and possibly rescuing one of their loving rabbits. 




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