Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Adventures!

This weekend marked the second Sunday of the month! For those who are new to the Rose Bowl Flea Market, every 2nd Sunday of each month Pasadena hosts this amazing flea market. Luckily for me I actually remembered this time around before it was too late. I've been dying to check it out each month but weekends seem to fly by, crammed with too many things to do. Not this weekend! 

As with most flea markets, the earlier you wish to go (say 5 AM) the more expensive the admission tickets usually were. I decided to wait it out and head to the market around noon (soon to be a horrible decision). It costs $8 for anyone interested in going next month :). My suggestion would be 1. bring a hat or umbrella 2. a game plan 3. water. 

 How adorable are these tickets!

The great thing about all flea markets is that you'll always find something for you.

Too bad I had no use for this amazing camera light.

Most everyone had on sunglasses and a hat, I definitely made the rookie mistake of having neither. We were melting in minutes.

See even this bear had a hat, next time I won't forget!

I stumbled across this one booth that carried various old signs and cards.
Imagine if we still tagged our shoes with these vintage sales tags!

Even with the heat and unbearable sun, I'm excited to mark my calendar for the next Rose Bowl Flea Market. If you're in the area definitely make a day trip out of it :). My first time was great, slightly too hot but definitely sparked some projects in my mind. I can't wait to go next month with a more solid game plan!

What did you guys do this weekend?

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