Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pie Heaven

Last night I had one of THE best pies ever at Flo's V8 Cafe in California Adventure. Flo's cafe is categorized as a classic American cafe, and from reviews the pies are a must try. First of all how could I say no to pie, and second of all how could I say no to dessert! 

The 3 flavors they featured were Apple Cheddar, Mud Pie and Seasonal Fruit. Though the cast members said the Apple Cheddar was surprisingly good (think of it as a bit of sweet apple pie with a sharp tang from the cheddar) I couldn't get past the cheese. I opted for the Seasonal Fruit pie and was given a blueberry peach pie. 

This pie was the perfect little serving size and a heavenly combination of fruit. The pies were served warmed, which made for the perfect cozy dessert on a cold night.  Now that I'm pie-less at work, I've been craving creating my own little pies. 

Here are some amazing recipes I've found that I can't wait to try:

What's your favorite pie flavor or pie fruit combination?

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