Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Meet Florine.

(Portrait of Myself, 1923)

You never know what will lead you to where you end up. Such was the case today, when I was searching Etsy looking for great finds for this blog and stumbled upon Knit Fitt's post: A Modern Woman of Art History. It was too good not to share and be inspired by -

Florine Stettheimer was an American artist of the early 1900's influenced by deco modernism. Born into a wealthy upper class family, Florine traveled back and forth between Europe and New York and lived her life focusing solely on her art, poetry and creative pursuits. 

Although she longed for acceptance and recognition in the art world, she was reclusive with her works and after a few poor showings, never intended her pieces for the world's stage again. 

After her death, her sister Ettie, (against her will and instruction), donated and published everything and alas an art star was born. Her paintings depict decadence and leisure; essentially the world as she knew it.

(Wish we could have joined her!)
(Cathedrals of Art, unfinished 1942)

(Sunday Afternoon in the Country, 1917)

(Family Portrait #2, 1933)

(Still Life with Flowers, 1921)

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