Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wish we had thought of that.

Don't you wish you had snapshots of all the people and places you have met and seen? A visual diary of your memories you could revisit from time to time?

We do and Mikael Kennedy did and so he created a polaroid collective, called Shoot the Moon which is currently featured at the Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art gallery in Chelsea (NY).

Of the 450 (or so) polaroids, 50 hand-picked images were chosen to be featured in a collection called Pieces of the Moon being shown at the Catalog Gallery in Vancouver. 

As the Jealous Curator aptly said in his guest post featured on SFGirlbyBay,  
"over the past decade, american photographer mikael kennedy has taken thousands of polaroids during what has been often described as a “kerouac-esque” journey, wandering back and forth across the continent, hitching rides, couch surfing, moving from city to city. there is an undeniable intimacy in each image, revealing an obvious closeness to the subject – however, to the viewer, the details still remain vague. were these friends, lovers, strangers, or all of the above?"

What do you think?

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