Monday, June 27, 2011

A Wedge Called Chirp.

With its rounded wedge heel, ankle strap and woven peep toe, we think our Chirp wedges are pretty close to perfection. 

What do you think? Where would you wear these and which color would you choose? Details ladies, we want the details...


  1. Love these ones! I would definitely take a pair in pewter. Why are you always tempting me with such cute shoes?

  2. We just can't help ourselves. Ha ha, hugs

  3. The nude color is my fav and I would wear them out to run errands, on date night with the hubby and anywere else I could think of. They are so freaking cute!

  4. Hi Nicole, another great part to these is they are super comfy as well. Hugs to you~



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