Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Wedding Story: Something Borrowed

Any celebration of love is a truly beautiful occasion, but weddings are especially wonderful. Aside from the glorious public ceremony of ardor where a dashing couple exchange eternal vows in front of the world, some of us love to gorge on Jordanian almonds and other succulent sweets. A night or day where you can, dance till you drop and admire the beautiful wardrobes of the guests, bride and groom. Let us also not forget, weddings provide a chance to indulge in our favorite exercise - shoe shopping! Tying the knot then becomes a celebration of many things, including the union of two sole mates.  We can only hope that you live a long happy life full of laughter and most of all, love. 


  1. Beautiful! Perfect outfit to wear to a wedding!

  2. Awe, I have those Seychelles in turquoise and they are my very favorite!

    The whole ensemble is SO cute and weddings definitely are the best.

    As is being married to the boy of your dreams :)

    Virginie xo

  3. Just went shopping for my own wedding shoes yesterday! Thanks for the post Sarah!!!

  4. I love this outfit from head to toe! Thanks for the advice Sarah bear :D

  5. mel - you would own this outfit! thx!

    virginie - that was so terribly sweet. thank you! would love to see a shot of it. send it along @seychellesshoes

    shahida - aww! send me a pic! of course anytime. if you need anything wedding related i got you.

    maha - :) of course! you are my fav and will look like a stah this weekend! xo

  6. This is seriously a cute outfit! Like everyone else has said--head to toe! Although I will not wear it for my wedding, I think it would be a good contender for my bridal shower? Engagement party? :) Thank you for the tip!



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