Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Get the Look: An Olympic Outfit

The 2012 London Olympics are here and they've been full of riveting athletic feats, dramatic successes and failures, and most importantly, hard bodies. The Olympics are not just about showcasing awesome new talent, blubbery outbursts of tears and sadness and the modern day Adonis we call Ryan Lochte.  Sure, we tune into the occasional women's gymnastics meet,  but it's our dedication to the U.S. men's swim team that could very well earn us our own medals. To keep us busy between commercials, we've put together an outfit post perfect for an Olympian. Who knows, you may meet your very own grillz-grinning Ryan Lochte soon? 


  1. Definitely digging this Olympic spirit outfit! I need all these items asap.

  2. thanks Greg! Lochte is a total hottie. dare I say it? JEAHH! haha [in case you need a reference for it see here.]

    Thank you! It's an easy charming outfit that's all affordable and in stores now.

  3. Love the blue polish. Maybe I'll pick some up for myself today. :)

  4. That is definitely a comfy outfit. Who says casual is always sweats and jeans? :)

  5. Awesome gadjets ;)
    belt is my fav ;)

    Invite to my new fashion blog :

  6. This is super cute! I love the whole combination! Shame the dress is already sold out!!



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